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“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”
Peter F. Drucker

Having a successful business means making decisions on a regular basis; some decisions will be big and some decisions will be small. The size and impact of the decision is relative to the business. For a sole proprietor, a big decision could be whether to hire an employee. For a larger company, a big decision could be whether to sell off an unprofitable location. I have assisted clients with these two specific situations and many of the other examples provided below.

Common Reasons Business Owners Seek Consulting Advice

There are many scenarios in which business owners seek consulting advice . Some of these include:

  • Starting a new business
  • Partnering with another business owner
  • Hiring an independent contractor or employee
  • Moving into a new market
  • Exiting a market
  • Selling a business interest
  • Selling an entire business
  • Starting an employee benefit plan
  • Purchasing or leasing a major asset
  • Purchasing another business
  • Purchasing an interest in another business
  • Refinancing a large loan
  • Paying off a loan early
  • Shutting down a business

The Choice to Seek Business Consulting Advice

A business owner’s choice to seek business consulting advice before making a decision could be prompted by any of these factors:

  • The consequence of a wrong choice could determine whether the business will survive.
  • Others who care about the owner have reservations about a business choice he or she is considering.
  • Business partners are in disagreement about the right course of action.
  • The owner doesn’t feel confident in his or her knowledge to make the choice without the advice of professionals.
  • The owner feels confident in his or her ability to make a decision but would like a professional’s point of view.
  • The owner is emotionally tied to a particular course of action and would like a professional perspective based only on the facts.

Important to note is that business consulting advice rendered is based upon the quality of information provided by the owner and/or others relevant in the process. If you believe you need assistance with a business decision, my firm would be glad to help.

The Firm’s Process of Providing Consulting Advice

In today’s business environment, oftentimes, clients request a phone call or Zoom session seeking business advice on specific concepts. While I am happy to provide advice in the manner the client wishes, there is a necessary fact-finding process before consulting advice can be rendered. It is most helpful for these facts to be provided in written or electronic form. It is also most productive for me to provide a deliverable to the client in electronic format, generally a spreadsheet, memo, PowerPoint, other document, or a combination of these. At that point, a follow-up discussion via phone call or Skype can be useful.

Firm Pricing for Business Consulting Services

The firm currently charges a rate of $175 per hour for business consulting services. Depending on the size of the business, the advice sought, and other factors, an estimate of time will be determined, for which a retainer will be required before services are rendered. The retainer will be billed against as work is completed. An accounting for this retainer will be provided to the client upon completion of the delivered product.

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