Shocked business person and CPA

Most of my clients are taxpayers who own small businesses themselves or file jointly with a spouse who owns a small business. Some of these small businesses are organized as C or S Corporations, and the owners pay federal and state taxes throughout the year through their W-2 wages (based on their set salaries and… [Read More].

showing a car to a woman

Due to the available tax incentives for clean vehicles, small business owners have frequently contacted me in recent months with questions regarding whether their business can or should purchase a vehicle. Given the average cost of today’s vehicles, this is a significant capital investment for most small business owners. So, for this month’s blog, I… [Read More].

business statistics

After the demise of the legislation known as “Build Back Better” and several congressional false starts on smaller packages, the 50-50 Senate has recently passed a much smaller package known as the “Inflation Reduction Act”. Now that the hard part is over (passing a bill in the Senate), the legislation has a much smoother path… [Read More].

Tax Basics for Crypto Investors

Cryptocurrency has become an increasingly popular topic in recent years, and as a small business CPA and Attorney, it is becoming more prevalent within the tax situations I handle for my clients. Crypto investing has also become more mainstream, and even risk-averse clients are beginning to take notice and invest small sums in Bitcoin and… [Read More].

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