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“I don’t understand this irony – valuable things like cars, gold, diamond are made up of hard materials but most valuable things like money, contracts and books are made up of soft paper.”
–Amit Kalantri

According to this quote, contracts are more valuable than tangible things that would be considered by most people to be of significant value. I tend to agree. Contracts represent valuable tangible and intangible assets in many cases, and can protect these things.

State of Licensure- North Carolina

I am an Attorney at Law licensed in North Carolina. Thus, I can only perform the full practice of law in my state of licensure, which is North Carolina. I do not express opinions on the law in other states, though I am able to assist clients in any state with questions on federal law, such as the Internal Revenue Code.

How I Assist Clients Located in Other States with Business Agreements

Oftentimes small business owners need assistance with a simple contract between one party and another where the cost of the attorney’s fees for a local attorney would exceed the value of products or services performed in the contract. In these situations, the clients simply want to know whether their interests are being protected in a general sense as it relates to that particular agreement and its terms.

For these situations, I am willing to assist out-of-state clients with their agreements, with the understanding that: 1) I am not asserting whether any provision is enforceable in their state, 2) that I am not expressing an opinion on the law in their state, 3) that I am only assisting the client and not the other party, and 4) that I am not able to assist the client with enforcing the contract in a court of law in a state in which I am not licensed.

Essentially, what I am assisting the client with is drafting a business agreement that reflects the interests that are important to him or her, and including standard contractual terms typical of that agreement. I do not assist the client with negotiating with or communicating with the other party.

Types of Agreements

Agreements small business owners typically need assistance with are:

  • Buy/Sell Agreements (for purchasing or selling a business interest)
  • Agreements with Independent Contractors
  • Agreements with Suppliers
  • Customer Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
  • And many more…

Firm Pricing for Business Agreements

The drafting of business agreements is one of the few areas in my practice in which I am willing to do a fixed rate fee depending on the circumstances. The fixed rate is based upon the estimated amount of time to complete the work upon a discussion between the client and the firm allowing for a reasonable amount of editing. The applicable fee is $175 per estimated hour of work required. If an estimate is difficult to determine for any particular client, or work is substantially uncertain in duration, the firm bills at a rate of $175 per hour on an hourly basis until completion. A retainer is required for the initial estimated amount of time, if known, or $875 if unknown.

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