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Christian Taylor

Business Agreements

Contracts represent valuable tangible and intangible assets in many cases, and can protect these things.  Learn how I help clients know whether their interests are being protected in a general sense as it relates to that particular agreement and its terms.

IRS Debt Resolution

Owing the IRS for back taxes can be a very tough situation for a taxpayer. Sometimes extenuating circumstances exist for how the debt was acquired or the taxpayer’s ability to repay.  Learn more about how we can help.

Tax Research

Oftentimes situations arise for taxpayers in which they would like to know the tax consequences of a certain action. Wouldn’t it be great to find that out beforehand rather than taking an action that has negative consequences down the road?

IRS Representation

The IRS has broad powers to collect taxes, and these powers are almost limitless. They can garnish your wages, levy your assets, and even put you in jail for violating the Internal Revenue Code.  Learn how we can help protect you in these situations.

Entity Formation/Operating Agreements

There are many aspects of small business ownership that should be considered before the business begins. Of paramount importance is making the decision regarding what type of entity should be formed.  Learn how we can help.

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